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Re: [s-d] BobTHJ's Refresh Proposal

On Monday 26 November 2007, Roger Hicks wrote:
> Now, your second point (that every disputed action creates two
> possible quantum gamestates) is a very valid one, and one that must be
> addressed to avoid future issues. Agora's solution (which I hate) is
> to track every possible gamestate that could exist, and seems to lead
> to massive revisions to the gamestate, or else a general consensus to
> ignore the past. I have an idea of how to address this issue, and I
> will add it to the revised version of my refresh proposal.

I for one would welcome Limited Stare Decisis in this nomic.  Nevertheless, 
I see nothing wrong with waiting until a consultation is pondered to 
determine the legality of actions.  The gamestate (at the time the action 
was performed) either changed, or did not changed, depending on its 
legality.  It is the job of consultations to decide whether or not it 
actually changed.  

The problem happens in Agora when it turns out that the AFO didn't *really* 
win, but everyone had been playing as if it had although it was too 
controversial to be ratified.

Ratification being like

Am I the only person who finds the occasional quantum gamestate fun?

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