Mike McGann on Wed, 14 Nov 2007 19:40:42 +0100 (CET)

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[s-d] Making votes expend Mackerel just seems like B Nomic

I was hoping to get a Proposal in before I leave for vacation, but I
ran out of time. Here's an idea for a Proposal if someone wants to
Proposal-ize it. Wonko said that spending mackerel for votes is in the
spirit of the game, so lets do it.

Spend macks to increase vote power on one vote. Can't be done more
than once per nweek.

m200: Vote Power +0.5
m400: Vote Power +1.0
m800: Vote Power +1.5
m1600: Vote Power +2.0

The restrictions and numbers are quite conservative so I'm not sure
how much they will be liked. I'd prefer it to be a wild card that can
be pulled out every now and then to sink or swim a proposal. Others
might like more action. Rules would have to be refactored a little to
allow adjustable vote power on a per vote basis. I would be against
anything that increases vote power across the entire ballot.

- Hose
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