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Re: [s-d] oracle report 27/06/07 (nday 3)

> > Consultation 21
> > Supplicant: Wonko
> >
> > {{
> > Question: Humans cannot join B Nomic. True or False?
> > }}
> >
> > Assigned to: Primo Corporation
> Well, if that were the case, I at least would still be a player I think,
> since I've been a player since toward the end of the First Era and the
> statute of limitations rule was still there. We ought to bring back a
> statute of limitations rule, although it may require us to better define
> Public Displays first.
> However, I think that we still do have players. A Turing Test has three
> participants: two humans and a machine. The machine passes if the testing
> human can't determine which is the machine and which is the other human.
> The testing human passes if they can. And I suppose the tested human
> passes if they can as well. In any event, for any of the human roles in
> there, any of the people whom we've been calling players here do, in
> theory, have the ability to pass at least one Turing test, if only by pure
> chance.

The two humans are just part of the test. The test is to determine
whether the machine can pretend to be a person. The judge or the human
conversationalist doesn't "pass" the turing test any more than the
proctor of a school exam "passes" the exam, or the driving instructor
giving a driving test "passes" that.

That said, we have enough argument about the Turing Test that you
could probably get away with defining it however you want. At least,
Primo seems to have done so, and they're not even eligible to be the
proctor of a Turing Test.

The problem with the Statute of Limitations is that it broke all kinds
of things whenever somebody made a mistake. Originally it was "any
action, after 10 ndays, becomes retroactively legal unless somebody
objects", and Uin nearly repealed rule 10 by sticking "I repeal rule
10!" in his signature.

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