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Re: [s-d] oracle report 27/06/07 (nday 3)

Antonio Dolcetta wrote:
> Supposing the following assumptions are true:
> * The post of Oracle is held by Antonio
> * The active players are: BobTHJ, Peter, bd_, The Dave, Primo
> Corporation, Wonko, Zach, comex, Antonio
> * Wonko's rulings on consultations 15 and 18 were overtime (they were
> submitted on nday 2)
> I assign the following consultations
> Consultation 15
> Supplicant: Antonio
> {
> The rules of B Nomic allow BobTHJ to act on behalf of the group of
> persons knows as "Primo Corporation", True of False ?
> Unbeliever: BobTHJ
> }
> Recused: Wonko
> Assigned to: Primo Corporation (please send complaints to the rng :P )

Oh dear. Does your rng have an email address? Can it join the game, too? :)

> -o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-
> Consultation 19
> Supplicant: bd_
> {{
> Question: Could corporations register as players at the time that
> consultation 11 was submitted?
> Argument: By consultation 11, Primo Corporation is already a player, and
> therefore, barring any rule changes, corporations could register using
> the same method as Primo Corporation. However, consultations 12 and 13
> serve to bar all corporations from register, including Primo
> Corporation.
> }}
> Assigned to: Peter

This is... an interesting consulation. I'm not really sure what its
relevence is, since we're already determined which actions in the past
were legal, and this is asking about what was legal at a particular
previous point in time. What effect will a TRUE or FALSE answer have at
this point?

Also, I think that this Consultation was only submitted to the discuss forum.

> Consultation 21
> Supplicant: Wonko
> {{
> Question: Humans cannot join B Nomic. True or False?
> Reasoning:
> One requirement for joining the game is that you be able to "pass the
> Turing Test". However, "the Turing Test" is clearly defined as a
> specific test for determining whether an artificial intelligence can
> successfully masquerade as a human. It follows that the only way a
> player can join is if e can demonstrate that e is A) an artificial
> intelligence, and B) indistinguishable from a human. However, if B)
> is true, then by definition there is no way to demonstrate A. It
> follows that nobody can become a player.
> It nearly follows that there are no players and thus no game.
> However, several nyears ago a rule was created called the Statute of
> Limitations that retroactively legalized any statement made by the
> Administrator after 10 ndays passed with no objections. The
> Administrator (David E. Smith, at the time) referred to my existence
> as a player numerous times during this period. As I am the only
> player who has been playing continuously since before the repeal of
> the Statute of Limitations, it follows that I am currently the only
> player of B Nomic.
> }}
> Assigned to: Primo Corporation

Well, if that were the case, I at least would still be a player I think,
since I've been a player since toward the end of the First Era and the
statute of limitations rule was still there. We ought to bring back a
statute of limitations rule, although it may require us to better define
Public Displays first.

However, I think that we still do have players. A Turing Test has three
participants: two humans and a machine. The machine passes if the testing
human can't determine which is the machine and which is the other human.
The testing human passes if they can. And I suppose the tested human
passes if they can as well. In any event, for any of the human roles in
there, any of the people whom we've been calling players here do, in
theory, have the ability to pass at least one Turing test, if only by pure

Peter C.
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