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Re: [s-d] [s-b] consultation 17

On 6/21/07, Antonio <antonio.dolcetta@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> if this message is duplicated please ignore it
> I submit the following consultation:
> {
> Supposing there are two
> Players, say A and B, where A is a single human being and B is a group
> of human beings that contains A, then if A and B vote for the same
> proposal only the most recent vote is counted. True or false ?
> }
> Reasoning:
> {
> B nomic has traditionally enforced the idea "one man, one vote"
> If
> a Primo style corporation were allowed to become a player any entity
> who is a player by itself and is also part of the corporation would
> have a number of votes >1
> Bear with me here:
> rule 2-2 states:
> - Any Player may submit a Vote on an Open proposal at any time. ...
> - The most recent Vote on a proposal by a Player is called that
> - player's Final Vote on that proposal
> the intent clearly being to allow only one vote from each player.
> by Rule 1-4
> - A Player is an Outsider
> and by Rule 1-3
> - An Outsider is an External Force
> So going back to the consultation's example Player A who is part of B is actually resubmitting his Final vote through B.
> }
> This is Consultation 17, assigned to BobTHJ
I have attempted to distance myself from Primo Corp while pondering
this ruling, so as to deliver an impartial judgment. However, based
upon the evidence at hand, I rule FALSE.

This issue has been debated for several months on the Agoran forums
(as partnership type entities have been participating there since
February I believe), so I borrow some logic from there. In legal
contexts, an organization formed by a binding agreement of its members
it treated as a separate legal person with its own collective rights
and responsibilities. Translated into B Nomic terms, such an
organization constitutes an External Force distinct from the External
Forces that comprise its membership. Therefore, when the organization
votes, it represents a different Player then a member who votes
independently as a Player.

It is possible a case could be made that if a Player votes for
themselves and then the same player makes a vote on behalf of an
Organization that only the first of such votes is counted (since the
same Player posted both votes), however that is beyond the scope of
this Consultation.

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