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Re: [s-d] A suggestion

> I agree, it would be a pity, we had only just reached a semi-workable
> state. However, the ruleset is still too
> single-person-has-to-do-all-the-work heavy

Right.  It shouldn't be, but it is.

and I don't see a god way, or
> even the willingness on the other players part to change that.

I at least would be game for any change that reversed that.

Automation is ok, but it can go only so far, we will always need manual
> work. the only way to make it work is splitting it up between different
> people.

I think that that has to be a first step - a chain of people who will step
in to do the admins job if he is not available.  Or maybe a rota.

Not having set deadlines is also an idea worth considering. How
> would everyone feel about getting rid of the clock ?

I have no idea how that would work!!  But, I'd certainly consider anything.

My own idea for lowering the admin's workload is typically low-tech and
would not be received well by ...well, anyone other than me, I suspect.
It's this:  Get rid of the wiki.  play completely from the mailing lists.
Then all the admin has to do at the end of a turn is post a single mail as
he does now, plus another mail with the new ruleset.  Or keep the ruleset as
a google spreadsheet or something.  No, it's not pretty, but it's *much*
less work.
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