Antonio Dolcetta on Fri, 22 Dec 2006 02:50:56 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-d] Out of time

Daniel Lepage wrote:
> So, here's the problem.
> As a bit of a last ditch effort, I thought perhaps the fact that  
> Antonio submitted votes *right at* midnight UTC might be used against  
> em, so I went to check the exact definition of an "nday" in r2-1.
> And it wasn't there.
> That's right, we don't define "nday" anywhere in the rules.
> Well, actually, that's not quite true. The "nday" is an integer  
> attached to the Clock. But there's no notion of an nday as a measure  
> of time, so phrases like "the beginning of nday 9" are pretty much  
> meaningless.

well, we have:
* there is a number called nday.
* This number changes each day, exactly at 00:00 (so the period of time 
it marks does have a beginning and an end.
* you are right when you say that there is no formal definition of the 
kind: "an nday is a period of time that starts on x and ends on y"

still , I think the phrase at the beginning of nday x where x is a 
number between 1 and 12, does have a meaning. And it means, the 
beginning of the period of time in which the clock reads x

but I do see your point.
I think this needs an RFJ

as for your original motive, the headers show that the message actually 
reached Joel's Server at around 00:00:18. The time I *sent it at* is 
irrelevant, because I could have easily changed the clock on my own 
computer. (and anyway as I read it, the rule says that ndays begin at 
00:00 so voting at 00:00 is correct, and the point is moot anyway)

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