Joel Uckelman on Fri, 15 Dec 2006 05:24:47 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-d] ruletag question

Thus spake shadowfirebird@xxxxxxxxx:
> > If the function of the post-holder is to allow simultaneous revelation
> > of actions, you could use my escrow agent for that and have it done
> > automatically.
> That would be one of the functions.  That sounds like something we
> should be looking to use...

If you send a message like this to escrow@xxxxxxxxx:

address austria@xxxxxxxxx
address britain@xxxxxxxxx
address france@xxxxxxxxx
address prussia@xxxxxxxxx
address russia@xxxxxxxxx
address spain@xxxxxxxxx
address turkey@xxxxxxxxx
mailto eia@xxxxxxxxx
subject June 1806 Declarations of War
# Respond with your June 1806 Declarations of War

it will open an escrow and query the listed addresses for replies. When
all have replied, all replies will be sent to the mailto address, with
the specified subject line. The comments appear in the query messages.
(BTW: please don't use this example verbatim, all of those addresses
are live for my Empires in Arms game.)

Also, the escrow agent is horribly broken in various ways which aren't
apparent to users, but are irritating for me. I *was* going to rewrite
the escrow agent this weekend, but now it looks like I'm doing the
dice stuff instead.

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