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Re: [s-d] RFJ 0008 judgement

> Maybe we should have a list of "proper RFJ procedure" somewhere,
> detailing the sort of thing that one should not do, but that might be
> appropriate sometimes.

The problem is - *one* of the problems is - that there is nothing to
stop a judge ruling by tossing a coin, or by closing eir eyes and
pointing.  Technically this would be against 2-5 since e is supposed
to judge by looking at the rules; but how can the other players
possibly tell if e's done that?  E is not even required to give a
reasoning.  And even if the other players think that a ruling is in
breach of 2-5, there is nothing that they can do about it (other than
to Propose, of course).

Let me say quickly that I don't think any of our judges has done
anything like this!  But they could.
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