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Re: [s-d] [s-b] 113.3 Administrator's Update

I appear to have something of a dilemma. Section four of Rule 2-5,
"Accepting RFJs", says

"The selected Judge shall as a Game Action accept eir assigned RFJ by
changing it's state to Accepted."

This appears to me to mean that I *must* accept my assigned RFJ, but that I
must do this by changing its state to Accepted. However, there appears to be
no way for me to so change its state. Also, under the current definition of
Game Action, it doesn't really make sense for me to perform one "by" doing
something other than posting to a public forum stating that I do. So even if
there was a way for me to change its state to Accepted, I don't think that
would be a valid way to perform a Game Action.

Also, once the above is somehow resolved and I have successfully accepted my
RFJ, I appear to have another dilemma. First, the same section goes on to

"The selected Judge may also change the RFJ's state to Invalid, if e
considers the contained Statement to be unclear, ambiguous, or irrelevant."

but right below that, in the next section, it says

"Once an RFJ is Accepted, the selected Judge shall as a Game Action render
Judgment on it to the best of eir knowledge of the Rules. "


"Once Judgment is rendered, the state of the RFJ becomes Resolved"

This seems to imply that as soon as it's accepted, ie, before I get a chance
to change it to Invalid, I have to render judgment on it, and that once I
do, it becomes resolved. However, it doesn't say I'm no longer the selected
judge, after that, so I guess I can still change its state to Invalid
*after* I've rendered judgment on it, causing it to only guide further
interpretation of the rules for a very short time.

I don't really think this is what was intended though.


On 12/3/06, Peter Cooper Jr. <pete+bnomic@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Especially seeing as nobody objects, I get a Win, and submit
> prop. "You need to *work* to win" (p22).
> Optional submits prop. "Legal Mode" (p23)
> Optional submits prop. "Monopoly Mode" (p24)
> Optional wins.
> Optional submits prop. "Win or Win or Win" (p25)
> Player " " forfeits and rejoins with name "the Administrator". (Note
> that e doesn't have the "Player" property anymore.)
> Player "the Administrator" submits three RFJs. I assign these as follows:
> RFJ 1: Personman
> RFJ 2: Aquarion
> RFJ 3: bd
> bd submits prop. "Disambiguation" (p26).
> Optional amends prop. "Legal Mode" (p23).
> I submit an RFJ (#4), which I assign to The Dave. (Although
> interestingly enough, if my RFJ is ruled true, then it would be
> numbered #1, and the first three wouldn't exist. I think.)
> Text of the RFJs is on the wiki at
> <http://b.nomic.net/wiki/index.php/Category:RFJs>.
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> Peter C.
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