Jake Eakle on Sat, 18 Feb 2006 00:11:17 -0600 (CST)

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Re: [s-d] RE: [s-b] Argh.

I have no hurry; I wish if at all possible to avoid unpleasantness. I was
not aware that I shouldn't be rolling dice, as I failed to read the rules
completely enough. I accept full responsibility for any inconvenience this
caused, and apologize.

After the current, very stressful phase of my life passes, which should
hopefully be within the week, I may very well make myself a minister. As it
is, I'm not willing to become too involved in the game. I got over-excited
when I found a way to get myself a superpower, and I accidentally stepped on
some feet while leaping about in the Upper Hall. I am really sorry, and
meant no offense.

Also, I have no hurry - just wanted to set things straight after the
confusion. Again, I'm sorry for causing all this, and I'll try to do better
next time. Remember, though, that I haven't seen the rules for, I dunno, a
year or so, and they are quite different now. You may have a pretty good
grasp on all of them, but I'm running off one complete read through and a
few more rereadings to get specifics down. The Rules is a complex document,
and as I play more, I'll get more comfortable with it.


On 2/17/06, Mark Walsh <flutesultan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On: 2/17/06 8:49:20 PM Personman sent:
> > Subject: Re: [s-d] RE: [s-b] Argh.
> >
> > Ok, sorry. 4-3 does say I can make it accurate whenever, so I don't
> think
> I
> > was so far out of bounds, though of course I was mistaken about the soul
> > thing, so that's not helping my case. Anyway, I'm not changing anything
> now,
> > and won't in future. It does seem, however, like my new Transaction
> should
> > have been fine, and thus your report of my calm dropping from 14-13 is
> > innaccurate, as it was reset to 15 when I died.
> >
> You may well be right. Gimme a chance to deal with this all.
> You keep rolling dice when by 1-8, a Minister in charge should.
> It's not like I'm sleeping here. Submit the Referendum to empower
> yourself to act (see Rule 4-1). You already know how. Sign up!
> As to your Calm, when Business transpires across Email platforms,
> it may take a step back or two to determine the true chronography
> of the postings (as it already has in this case).
> Keep your shirt on. You got no APs anyway if your TRANSACTION
> succeeds. Given Joel's warning that the server is going down for a
> couple of real world days I have to ask: "What's your hurry?"
> Triller
> Triller
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