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[s-d] [s-b] [auto] Triller submits p359

On: 2/14/06 12:57:24 PM Personman sent:
> Subject: Re: [s-d] Re: [s-b] [auto] Triller submits p359
> I think it is pretty clear that game objects cannot be transferred between
> players at will unless something says they can. Probably not worth going
> back in time to undo any previous exchanges though. Perhaps such a rule
> should be created, but should the transfer of objects be completely
> unlimited? SHould you have to be in the same room? What if an object is
> undesirable?
Even so, there is much precedent for the fact that it happens
and is accepted practice (most recently, I gave smartcowboy
a Lit Torch, and also dispensed with Rainbow Wolfe's GC
holdings in a manner e chose).

On: 2/14/06 2:34:48 PM comex sent
> Subject: Re: [s-d] Re: [s-b] [auto] Triller submits p359
> > For that matter, no Rule allows or disallows for the transfer of any
> > Game Object from one Player to another.
> How do you get an actual page history in MoinMoin?  Show Changes gets
> you right to a diff vs. the last version.
This is a question for an older master than I.
> Anyway, before p320 there was:
> A player may give a Household Object e holds to another entity if and
> only if both entities agree to the trade or the rules specifically
> permit it.
I keep a binder with hardcopies of the current Ruleset.
I used to keep a binder with older revisions of amended Rules
for just this reason. After 8 months it just got too thick and I
use the unprinted sides of the paper for scratch. 

It does seem that a Rule or clause in an existing Rule should
define the transfer of CHO's (or GCs) from one Player to
CHOs seem easy and should probably be allowed to be 
given over while in the same room, provided the receiver
accedes to the transfer.
GCs aren't (for now) CHOs, but rather a commodity that's
tracked by the Banker (that would be me). 
Maybe I've really got more than one issue that needs to be
dealt with here.
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