Mark Walsh on Sun, 29 Jan 2006 15:08:55 -0600 (CST)

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[s-d] comex submitted Props 352 & 353

comex submitted Props 352 & 353

>Motion 352/0: Lighting Invalidation Generates Heavy Trepidation
>Motion 353/1: Aura of Light
All good so far as it goes.
These companion Props come close to redoing the
entire Lit/Dark structure of the House.
As Super, I'm thinking a more all encompassing 
set of changes would be better from the standpoint 
of having to track and display the status.

You could eliminate the boolean Lit/Dark nature that
exists now, and state instead an integer value of
'litness'. 1 or greater for Lit; less than 1 for Dark.

Rules 10-8 (Vision) and 10-10 (Grue) would have to be
changed to refer to Lighting Level instead of Lit/Dark,
and ALL Talismans, Rooms and Superpowers would 
have to use the same standard for altering Lighting

These statements from P352:
>In Rule 10-1, remove the fifth bullet and add:
>* A Lighting Level which is initially 0
seem to reset the entire house to what is now Dark.

And while this statement:
>* A state of being Internally Lit or Not Internally Lit
defines these two states (or modifiers if you prefer), it
doesn't initialize any Room as being either, nor does it
take into account the effective Lit/Dark status of a Room
at the time this would pass.
This is problematic. West of House (now ALWAYS Lit)
becomes Dark, and so every period Calm is increased by
4 by Ordinance, but then also decreased by 1 (Grue, 10-10).

Also, with the differing expiration of the Talismans:
Lit Torch-beginning of next nweek,
Kirchoff's-end of the nweek,
and Superpowers:
Aura of Light-beginning of next nweek,
Aura of Darkness-Not addressed at all!
converting to the new system will be tricky.

I like the concept. It could eliminate the now unaddressed
problem of a Torch and a Kirchoff's in the same room, and
also takes into account basement (and some superpower) 
effects. The increment/decrement method of altering the
Lighting Level should be fairly simple to track and display,
but I'd like to see these ancillary factors accounted for before
I'll say Yea.


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