Mark Walsh on Sun, 15 Jan 2006 16:32:38 -0600 (CST)

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[s-d] RE: [s-b] [auto] Peter amends p342

On: 1/14/06 8:46:27 AM Peter sent:
> Subject: [s-b] [auto] Peter amends p342
> Motion 342/1: Queue Up Interesting Proposals
> A Proposal by Peter
> Last modified on nweek 104, nday 2
> An object that submits a proposal holds that proposal and is said to
> own it.
> Pens are Tools that are Carryable Household Objects with an appearance
> of {{A plain quill pen.}} and effects text of
> {{
> 0: Submit a proposal. Play this ability only if you hold less than 20
> Pending Proposals.
> }}
I can't tell from reading these two statements whether the pen or the
Player that activates the effects of the pen own the proposal.
The clause 'if you hold less than' connotes that the Object Player
owns them.

I gather from the general text of the change that a pen is not destroyed
once used to create a Proposal, but is rather used as a counter for
determining how many pending props will become open by the
following paragraph:
> At the beginning of each Voting Period, for each player, the Pending
> Proposals e holds with the lowest X serial numbers become Open, where
> X is the lower of the number of Pending Proposals e holds and the
> number of Pens e holds. Then, all Pens are destroyed, and then each
> player gets 5 newly-created Pens.
> At the end of each Voting Period, all Open proposals become
> Historical.
> }}
> [[And this time, I remember to fix things to compensate for my
> redefinition of Pen.]]
> Give each player 1 newly-created Pen for each Pending proposal e
> holds.
This last statement reinforces that pens are not destroyed, and accounts
for pens destroyed by creating pending proposals during the current
voting period by current rules if this prop passes, if I've got things
> In the effects text of Pen Pack, change
> {{
> Pens in a Pen Pack are not destroyed at the beginning of a Voting Period.
> }}
> to
> {{
> Pens in a Pen Pack can't be destroyed.
> }}
> ---------------------------------
If in fact a pen is not destroyed once used to submit a
proposal, what precludes a Player from placing a used
pen in a Pen Pack? I don't see any restrictions in the
effects of the Pen Pack except how many pens it can hold.
Also, if pens become merely a counter for determining
the number of pending props that open, should it be explicit
that pens in a Pen Pack are not held by a Player.
It seems there could be a loophole here:
An object (player) holding an object (pen pack) holding
objects (pens). Is the player holding the pens because e
is holding the pen pack?

Just thoughts.


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