Mark Walsh on Wed, 4 Jan 2006 21:28:35 -0600 (CST)

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[s-d] Superpower suggestion.

I'm considering a method for alloting Superpowers.
Thoughts invited.

[[ Intent here is to randomly and fairly allot
the Superpowers. Being an Active Player is
to be encouraged by this. There are both
positive and negative Superpowers, and I
believe that balance was the intent of this
construction. However, I feel that if a Player
were to acquire an advantageous Superpower
and be allowed to retain it indefinitely, an
unfair advantage would exist. The period of
one nweek seems a reasonable amount of time
for creative minds to find exploitative means
of excercising Superpowers (should any exist).
It also seems a reasonable amount of time for
tolerating the negative impact of a Superpower
which might not be advantageous to a given
Player's present strategy. ]]

[[ some methodology like this: ]]
[[ define serializing superpowers ]]
[[ nweek end return to pool ]]
[[ nweek begin randomize ]]
[[ allot to active players, somehow ]]
[[ consider inactive players who act mid nweek ]]
[[ death rules use whatever's left ]]
[[ define stun and daze combat effects ]]

Just tossing it up.

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