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Re: [s-d] Wonko submits p188

>> I do think that two identical players should be equally likely to beat
>> each other. I think the weak vs. strong player problem could be resolved
>> by having a tradeoff between different skills, so that if you're a very
>> strong player you'll also be a very stupid player. Then some Talismans
>> would only be useable by smart players (who would tend to be weak
>> players
>> as well) but would make fighting either easier or avoidable.
> Can you think of a good way to do this? Maybe a max sum skill lvl?

That would probably be the best way. Maybe we should even let players set
that when they die and come back: they get 18 Skill points divided however
they choose amongst the three stats.

>> Hmm. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I meant for skills to be independent
>> of
>> stats, but be affected by them. So your strength starts at 6; if you're
>> in
>> top shape, it goes up to 9, and if you're dazed, bruised, and confused
>> it's only 3; but you could do things that would increase or decrease
>> your
>> base strength as well. Maybe if you make your way to the Gymnasium of
>> the
>> Damned deep below the surface of the earth you can work out for 1 point
>> of
>> Strength per nweek, but if you get attacked by Bloodsucking Giraffes you
>> lose Strength, and so on.
>> So stats don't determine skills, but they can influence them.
> Ah ok . Well two things then.
> Change if from 6 to 60 so increases can be more granualated.


> An example of how you see weapon talismans working would be interesting.
> Would they all be passive?

Many would be. For example,
== Gauntlets of Might ==
Effects: You get +4 to your Strength as long as you have these.
== Pointy Stick ==
Effects: Add two to all your combat rolls.
== Stun Powder ==
Effects: When you successfully damage a player for 3 damage or more, they
are Stunned (as though you'd hit them for seven or more).

Others wouldn't:
== Restraining Order ==
Effects: Only Senators can Forge Restraining Orders.
Sacrifice: Target player Stands Down, and cannot Attack other players
until the end of the next full period. You may use this while you're In
Combat, but if you do so you can only target the player with whom you're
In Combat.
== Thumb of Smiting ==
Effects: Sacrifice: Add 10 to your next combat roll. You may only use this
while you are In Combat; if you don't roll between when you use this and
when you cease to be In Combat, then the effect is lost.
== Soul Cannon ==
Transfer a Soul you hold to target Player you're In Combat with: that
player loses 5 health and is Stunned. Do this no more than once per

What do you think?


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