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Re: [s-d] Re: [s-b] [auto] Wonko submits p188

> > Now I'm probably going to need to change my combat prop into something
> > else simply because your comes later and has a better chance of passing.
> > Hopefully I can persuade you to make some changes.
> >
> > I don't think the amount of damage done should follow the system you have.
> > While there is a chance someone  with lower strength could win it seems
> > anyone who has fuller stats could beat up another player over a few
> > periods. Also if two players have the same stats then it just becomes a
> > matter of who is the better dice roller.
> I do think that two identical players should be equally likely to beat
> each other. I think the weak vs. strong player problem could be resolved
> by having a tradeoff between different skills, so that if you're a very
> strong player you'll also be a very stupid player. Then some Talismans
> would only be useable by smart players (who would tend to be weak players
> as well) but would make fighting either easier or avoidable.
Can you think of a good way to do this? Maybe a max sum skill lvl?

> > Also I think if you have the same weapon and the same skill lvls should
> > always do the same damage but with one exception:
> >
> > The catastrophic failure roll.  To see if you Hit(most
> > common),Missed(occasionally) , had a catastrophic failure(rare)  or an
> > exceptional hit(also rare).  This way you know if you stand a chance but
> > there is still the possiblity of things going horribly wrong.
> >
> > Also I'm not sure If I like having skills be a direct function of stats.
> > You could just as easily have stats be the only attributes and just add
> > complex formulas in.
> Hmm. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I meant for skills to be independent of
> stats, but be affected by them. So your strength starts at 6; if you're in
> top shape, it goes up to 9, and if you're dazed, bruised, and confused
> it's only 3; but you could do things that would increase or decrease your
> base strength as well. Maybe if you make your way to the Gymnasium of the
> Damned deep below the surface of the earth you can work out for 1 point of
> Strength per nweek, but if you get attacked by Bloodsucking Giraffes you
> lose Strength, and so on.
> So stats don't determine skills, but they can influence them.
Ah ok . Well two things then.
Change if from 6 to 60 so increases can be more granualated.
An example of how you see weapon talismans working would be interesting.
Would they all be passive?

> > Now about being forced into combat. Why not have it so you get two actions
> > a period.  So you have to decide between fighting back, running away,
> > using a potion, ect. Also instead of being completely stifled if someone
> > wants to pick a fight why not just give them glancing blows if you try to
> > run away. So if you really didn't want to die you could run and use a
> > potion every period and hope the closet doesn't have someone in it.
> I don't think my combat system as it stands will result in much damage
> being dealt, and I don't intend it to. The fact that you force somebody
> into combat is precisely the point of this: I see fighting as a tool not
> for killing someone, but for keeping them from doing things.
> The eventual goal is to create team-based games like Capture the Flag
> within the House. My style of combat would work well in that, I think,
> because there are many opportunities for teamwork. For example, imagine
> that a teammate of yours has captured the flag and is taking it back to
> base. An opponent with very high Strength is coming at your flagbearer
> quickly, and will probably get the flag back if e catches up. So
> basically, you tackle em to buy time for the guy with the flag. You know
> you can't beat this guy, 'cause e's too large and strong, but you don't
> need to beat em, you just need to delay em long enough for the guy with
> the flag to reach the Spiral Stair and get to the Front Hall so that your
> ally up in the Conservatory can Lower the Sconce and trap the big guy in
> the Storage Room with a Sinking Stair.
> The other thing I was thinking of adding is Stunning, where if you beat
> the other guy by seven or more you Stun them and they can't do anything
> next period. That way a strong guy might be able to get out of a fight by
> hitting eir opponent hard enough to Stun them and then running away; a
> weak player could get some Talisman that helped them Stun players and use
> it to escape combat, etc.


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