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[s-d] Re: [s-b] [auto] EugeneMeidinger amends p170

On Jul 18, 2005, at 10.53 PM, automailer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

EugeneMeidinger has amended p170.

Proposal 170/1: We require interesting targets eh?
A Proposal by EugeneMeidinger
Last modified on nweek 94, nday 4

[[ I have a good idea for a story with this as a prequel to wonko's but I'd like to wait and see if I can do it the way I want and it'll fit in with the story.Rand out of time tonight. more to come tomorrow.]]

Add to rule 7-1 the following:
All talismans have a type. A type is a marker for rules to differentiate talismans.
Give all talismans a type of charm.

I think the wands should be of type wand.

Add the following rule to section 10:
Each player has the attributes of Health, Alertness and Calm. These attributes are called stats. Each stat is an integer in a range of 0 to 10 and is set to ten initially. If a stat would exceed its limit, it is set to the extreme of that limit instead.

If a player's Health reaches zero, the following happens:

 *Eir soul becomes lost. It has the same location as the player.
*All talismans belonging to that player of the type "weapon" or the type "potion" are destroyed.
 *Eir Health is set to ten.

If a player's Alertness reaches zero, the following happens:

 *That player now "asleep".

Maybe, that player _becomes_ asleep?

*While that player is "asleep" eir stats cannot be altered except by the rules. *While that player is "asleep" e cannot take any actin regulated by rule 10-1
actin -> action

*2 nweeks after being "Asleep" that player's alertness is set to 10 and that player is no longer "asleep".

I don't think this should be a bullet point here - it's not something that happens when a player's Alertness reaches zero.

If a player's Calm reaches zero, the following happens:

*All talismans belonging to that player of the type "weapon" or the type "potion" are destroyed.[[A clear way to have them drop them would be better]]

Move them to the player's location. I'm going to prop to allow Talismans and the like to occupy rooms anyway, soon.

 *That player's location is change to the room called "outside".

Create the following room

Description: The area outside the house. It's cold and raining. You are lost.
Ordinances:: None
[[I know there are no exits. I'll let you guys figure out a way to deal with that.]]

Can we call it "West of House"?

The stats business bears some similarities to something I was trying to write up. I was thinking, however, that health should go up to thirty instead of 10 to allow more dynamic changing. I was then thinking that each player would have the stats Strength, Skill, and Acuity. Skill represents general dexterity and competence, and is needed to pick locks, swing across pits, outfence zombie hordes, and so forth. Acuity represents how focused and aware you are, and determines your ability to see past illusions and withstand psychological attacks. Strength determines how you fight.

To fight, one player simply declares that e attacks another in the same room. Each rolls 3dX, where X is eir Strength; whoever has the lower roll loses health equal to the difference in the rolls, and the fight continues until both sides back out.

The key point of fighting is that it would keep you from doing other things - most talismans, as well as things like levers for secret doors, etc., couldn't be used while you were fighting, and you couldn't leave the room or attack other players. This would be true even if you hadn't started the fight - thus, somebody could attack you to keep you from bringing the Emerald Water Wing to the Underground Lake. Another player, however, could then intervene by attacking your attacker, keeping em off you long enough for you to break away.

The goal was to encourage interesting teamwork: in order to get an object to a given room, for example, you might have one person running it through while two others ran with em attacking anyone who tried to intervene; another pair would go after the switch to open the necessary gate, one to pull the switch and one to keep the other team's guard busy.

This would be further complicated by the possibility of Stunning your opponent: if you hit em for more than 6 points of damage in one hit, you'd Stun em and e wouldn't be able to do anything during the next period, giving you time to run away, pull the necessary lever, or recharge your Amulet of Whoopass. When you Stunned a player, you might also get a chance to grab something from their inventory; or maybe you'd need a certain skill level for that or something.

Then we could play games like capture the flag, king of the hill, and tag in the House without adding much, since the interesting mechanics of moving around and stopping others from moving would be already in place.

Anyway, I only bring that up to draw comments on it, and also in the hopes that Eugene will make health go up to 30 instead of 10.


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