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[s-d] Motion 161 (was: Prop 161)

flutesultan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> Spivak is new to me.

I hadn't seen it before B Nomic either, nor have I really seen it
outside of the game.

> My Webster's lists first:
> "of or relating to them or themselves esp. as possessors,
> agents or objects of an action."
> And secondly in the singular:
> "his or hers"
> I know Yahoo is the dictionary of choice,

Well, I picked that fairly arbitrarily when starting to define the
game of Tiles, since we needed to have *some* objective definition of
what is and isn't an English word. Yahoo's dictionary seemed as good a
choice as any.

> but I'm going to OBJECT on general principles.
> THEIR connotes plurality to me,
> and so the Spivak eir seems appropriate.

The bullet involved is "Words having only prefix and/or suffix as eir
part of speech". We're talking about all such words, plural, so a
plural possessive seemed more appropriate.

And I changed the subject to try to avoid confusion. Motion 161 is a
Referendum, not a Proposal. I used the proposal system on the web site
to submit it since the introduction of Motions for all Game-changing
Objects was supposed to unify everything so that we could track them
all the same. However, the web site scripts still say "Proposal"
everywhere. Wonko, would it be difficult to change all those to say

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