Peter Cooper Jr. on Sun, 10 Jul 2005 10:48:20 -0500 (CDT)

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[s-d] Re: Ministries

flutesultan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>    Since I'm new at this, I'm reluctant to jump into a Ministry position
>    just yet.

Funny, that's what I said my first nweek here, about 7 months ago I
think. :)

I started being willing to take over one thing (tildex I think, our
currency at the time), and ended up taking over just about everything
(since Wonko was doing so before, and he had to be away for a while).

>    I'm becoming familiar with The Rules, but since some of
>    the records haven't been updated recently (and understandably),

Well, the rules should be up to date... let me know if you think they

>    I'd like to watch another nweek to make sure I can follow the
>    mechanics.

And what makes you think the rest of us are following it, any better? :)

>    I'd probably need some initial guidance on altering
>    the site displays (and my HTML is spotty if that's needed),

There's no HTML needed. Just log in to the wiki and hit edit... most
of the pages are pretty easy, and it's designed to be pretty

For something more specific, see
<>, particularly the link
to HelpOnEditing.

>    but I have enjoyed my first few real weeks of participating


>    and will certainly be willing to accept some of the burden of
>    maintenance once I'm confident that I won't screw it up.

Don't worry about screwing it up. The worst that'll happen is that
we'll need to fix it.

>    Long experience as am electrician have taught me not to fool with
>    the guts of something unless I know how it works.

Luckily, this shouldn't be as dangerous.

>    That aside, I like the game and feel that it has evolved to reflect
>    the sense (of humor) and sensibilities of the participants. I look
>    forward to continued game play and hope not to annoy too
>    egregiously.

And we're glad you're here, too!

Peter C.
"Subtlety is when you move the queen to two spaces from the piece it's
attacking instead of one."
		-- Me & Jessi
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