Daniel Lepage on Sun, 10 Jul 2005 09:55:23 -0500 (CDT)

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On Jul 9, 2005, at 10.36 AM, Peter Cooper Jr. wrote:

The Ministries of the Grid, Forts, and Banking are up for
grabs. Someone needs to take them, or we need to write the Grid and
Genechips out of the rules. Nominations are open through 93/9, which
is Tuesday night.

I asked the Baron, and apparently I'm the only person who allocated anything in the last nweek or so. If I'm the only one playing with Forts, they're probably not worth keeping around.

Is anyone else interested in the subgame? If not, I'm going to propose a new one.

Any ideas how BvS being p114 affects any of this?

"A Player may cease to be a player by Forfeiting the game", so I think p114 just ceased to be a player. It's now an ordinary proposal.


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