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Re: [s-d] Re: [s-b] Not dead yet

On 6/29/05, Daniel Peter Lepage <dpl33@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > "Historical" might not have been the worst description for me for a 
> while
> > there... anyway, I'm back and I've updated my Ministries. The most
> > interesting bit from that is that Eugene hit RainbowWolfe for 114 energy
> > last Grid Period, dealing 14 damage over eir Defense. Of course, that 14
> > can
> > be bought right back with RW's income from eir fort... we either need 
> less
> > fixable forts (perhaps not fixable at all) or more stuff on the Grid.
> Maybe it should be more like actual Rumble: Everyone starts with a
> 100-energy Fort, and then you freeze the placement of new forts while
> everyone shoots each other. When one person is left standing, e gets some
> awesome prize and everyone else gets a new fort.
> Of course, that rules out the possibility of really long-running
> conflicts... How could we let people enter the game partway without
> letting people jump in at the last second and knock off to only remaining
> hit point on the map?

Well, you wouldn't let people in halfway, I would think, or you let them in 
with an amount of energy equal to the current average on the board, and if 
they do win they get a smaller prize (perhaps X percent of the prize, where 
X is the energy they started with). As far as long-running conflicts, I 
imagine feuds would make things plenty interesting across multiple rounds.


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