Daniel Peter Lepage on Fri, 17 Jun 2005 12:16:14 -0500 (CDT)

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[s-d] Re: [s-b] [auto] Peter votes

> Proposal 123/0: Voting Influences                        : Against
> I'm not sure this works right ("an extra FOR vote is cast on the Resolving
> proposal with the next *lowest* serial number"?), I'm not sure it's a good
> idea even if it did do exactly what it wanted to, "couning" isn't a word,
> and p116 gives the Minister of Change the discretion to number proposals.
> (The theory on that last one was that if someone illegally submitted a
> prop or other GCO, we wouldn't need to renumber everything and cause more
> headaches.)

The Resolving proposal with the next lowest serial number is the Resolving
proposal with the lowest serial number higher than that of the one in
question. So if we're looking for the next lowest integer after 4, for
example, it's 5. I'm fairly certain that works.

I'm against letting the Minister of Change renumber props, because then e
gets the power to unilaterally decide which of a set of conflicting props
wins out.

And the Grammar Nazi could step in and fix "couning" by Referendum.

> Proposal 124/0: Senators, Lobbyists, and Priests         : Against
> I like the concept, but I'm not sure that I like this particular
> implementation. I'm not sure about what "A Priest may take any action that
> includes giving up eir Soul or binding to another object" means.

Funny how much difference a single word can make... there's supposed to be
a "not" in there. A Priest may *not* take such actions.

Another candidate for fix-by-referendum.

> There
> isn't much demand for making more than 5 props an nweek, and it comes with
> the drawback of possibly having others decide your vote, so I can't
> imagine anyone wanting to become a Senator.

Well, I have more plans for this. I was thinking that the LOTN should be
restricted to Senators, for example, and that a group of players working
together might get two Lobbyists to manipulate people and one Senator to
offset the Lobbyists' proposal loss.


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