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Re: [s-d] Ballot Commentary

On Aug 10, 2004, at 5.33 AM, Glotmorf wrote:

I suppose it's a tad late for comments, but...

On 9 Aug 2004 at 10:28, Daniel Peter Lepage wrote:

1891/1: Pick and Choose
Standard Proposal
Proposed by Wonko on nday 6, nweek 67.

IRV is a Selection Method. In an election using IRV, a legal vote is a
list of all the choices, ranked in an order of the Voter's choosing.

The choices are then eliminated, one by one, by repeatedly eliminating
the choice which ranked highest on the fewest number of votes, and
then removing that choice from each of the votes (so that those who
ranked it highest have their votes transferred to their second
choice). If there are multiple such choices, and removing them would
not remove all remaining choices, then all of them are eliminated

If this results in all but one choice being eliminated, then that
choice is Selected by the election. Otherwise, the Moderator selects
one of the winning choices to be Selected by the election. }}

If I'm reading this right, it's possible for two of a
collection of choices to be selected equally as the first
choice, and for both of them to be eliminated since they are
equal on "fewest number of votes" and some choices would
remain.  In fact, looking further, if one choice was the
unanimous first pick, it too would be ranked highest on the
"fewest" number of votes.

Perhaps some provision should somehow be made for
circumstances in which the "fewest" and the most are

I'm not sure I understand how you're reading this... each vote lists all the choices, so every proposal appears on every vote. What I meant is that the culled proposal is the one with the property that fewer votes listed it in first place than any other proposal. If one is the unanimous first pick, then every proposal besides that one will have that property, and all but the first pick prop will be eliminated, selected the unanimous choice.


1892/1: Let's do it right
Standard Proposal
Proposed by Wonko on nday 5, nweek 67.

Replace the text of rule 625, section B [[Ministers -> Ministerial
elections]] with: {{ __Ministerial Elections__

Any player may start an Election for any Open Ministry as a Game
Action, provided that the Ministry has been Open for at least five
ndays and there is not already an Election in progress for that
Ministry; that player may also specify a Selection Method.

Kurt Godel may call such elections regardless of how many ndays have
passed since the Ministry became open

Typo here...missing a period.  (And we don't want this
proposal reproducing.)

I'm lazy, so I'll leave that in the prop and just rectify the rule if this passes.


1895/1: Shenanigans
Standard Proposal
Proposed by Wonko on nday 5, nweek 67.


For each CFI, there is a set of Eligible Judges. All members of the
Upper House are Eligible for a CFI except the Plaintiff and the
Defendant of that CFI. If this means that fewer than two players are
Eligible Judges, then members of the Middle Ground are Eligible Judges
as well, with the exception of the Plaintiff and the Defendant.

No provision is made for the possibility that both the Upper
House and the Middle Ground are empty, or empty of all except
the Plaintiff and Defendant.

If everyone's in the Lower pit except for two players, that probably means that nobody's really playing anymore, and the game's over. But I'll put something in to fix this.


1896/0: Python Enterprises
Standard Proposal
Proposed by Zarpint on nday 4, nweek 67.

There exists the Program List. This is a list of descriptions of
programs or scripts that Players have requested. An entry on the
list is called a Coil.

Each Coil has the following attributes:

Description, a precise description of the requested script, including
the language the Patron would like the script in.

Patron, the Player who posted the Coil.

Bonus, the goodies that the first player to Wind the Coil receives.

Any player may post a Coil to the Program List by making a statement
to that effect in a Public Forum, provided that the Description is not
trivial. [[This is a judgement call that may need to be decided by a
Call for Judgement.]] Unless the Patron specifies otherwise, the Bonus
is 10 points.

The Patron of a Coil may modify or delete the Coil by posting a
statement to that effect in a Public Forum.

Any player may Wind any Coil on the list by posting a script to a
Public Forum or privately sending a script to the Patron. If, in the
sole judgement of the Patron, the script fits the Description, the
Player who Wound the Coil receives 10 points, and the Coil is removed
from the Program List.

It is the responsibility of the Minister of the Roster to maintain the
Program List.

This is a source of free money, by posting and winding trivial

You can't actually post and wind trivial coils, because it says explicitly "provided that the Description is not trivial." But nonetheless, I can see making nontrivial but still reasonably easy requests (for example, I could request a python script that runs a wiki, and sending myself the wiki code; complicated description, but trivial execution since I already have the code.)


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