David E. Smith on Mon, 12 Apr 2004 22:09:31 -0500 (CDT)

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RE: [spoon-discuss] Thoughts toward a universal Nomic calendar

On Sun, 11 Apr 2004, Zarpint wrote:

> I actually think the clock doesn't do anything right now anyway, since actions
> now occur as soon as they are posted, other than indicate when Dave has harfed
> everything. We should figure out how often Dave can reasonably put out
> Recognizers - we really only need 2 per nweek, a ballot and results.

Such is the joyous life of the harried sysadmin. I never can be sure when
I'll have free time either.

Generally, weekends are right out. I only get to see the girlfriend a
couple days a week as it is. (She's a CPA, so for the last three months,
I've really only been able to see her one day a week anyhoo.)

Mondays are, well, Mondays. (There's usually at least some free time on
Monday night, like tonight, but not always.) Fridays are "driving down to
see the aforementioned girlfriend."

Assuming things are busy enough at work that I can't slack off and do
Nomic stuff there (which has been known to happen, though rarely), that
only leaves three evenings a week which are "free" with anything even
remotely similar to regularity.

All this assumes nothing breaks anywhere. Unless someone dusts off the
original "Gold Stars" prop and starts paying me for this, it's a bit lower
priority than most other things.

Truth be told, I'm getting bloody tired of having to do all this.

There is some deep wisdom on the old "A Nomic" page, regarding how much
work can go into one of these games, and the burnout that eventually fell
upon Joel.

Nothing would please me more than to have someone, whether an individual
or some sort of "B Nomic Executive Committee," to whom I could hand over
the password to the Admin site and the shell account and be done with it.

I strongly encourage you folks to take this under serious consideration. B
Nomic is a lot of fun, and may even have outlived A Nomic at this point;
it'd be a shame for all this time and energy and (dare I say it?) love
from each of you to go away in a whiff of ether because Dave burned out.

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