Bill Adlam on Mon, 12 Apr 2004 16:09:09 -0500 (CDT)

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[spoon-discuss] losesome

Zarpint wrote:

> Why do none of the rules on winning apply?

Well, I think they do apply, because being awarded a win is winning. 
But on the theory that it's something different, the rules for one
don't apply to the other.  

> Why do you say winning normally is impossible? r27 specifies how
> to win normally.

r27 specifies how to be awarded a win.  It doesn't say anything about
how to win - unless that's the same thing.

I welcome Aquarion to the game.  I also invite em to tell us all about

Wonko quoted Glotmorf:

>> Welcome back, BTW.  Good to see you.  The old timers are
>> dropping like flies again.
> Because they're light enough that air resistance can be a serious 
> impediment, I've never seen a fly fall particularly quickly compared 
> to, say, an elephant. A better expression might be, "The old timers
> dropping unlike flies again".

Based on my own observations of these insalubrious insects, I think
'dropping like flies' is less accurate than 'flies like droppings.'

Re gold stars - I think there should be a limit to Gold Star creation
of say 1 per nweek, to prevent abuse of administrative power.  Also,
the receipient of a GS should gain the attribute 'Admin's Pet' for an

> Many Thanks for the Scarf, Sagitta. Regarding 1833, your fix of the
> Philosophy would take effect after mine, and thus changing the
> Philosophy would have no effect. Not to mention that I believe
> your prop fixes the problem sufficiently.

Oh, I agree that your inactivity on that issue was masterly, and I
applaud it.  But it wasn't stylish.

I vote YES to removing the list name tags.  I also implore everyone to
change the subject when they change the subject.

I like several of the mooted calendar suggestions.  I think that ntime
should continue to be asynchronous with sidereal time.  Making ntime
depend on the vagaries of daylight savings in some small corner of one
continent is a bad idea (if you can't remember what time zone you're
in, move to Morocco).  Having variable-length months or seasons is
good, and should be determined in advance (but not necessarily far in
advance - it would be acceptable if the number of nweeks in an nmonth
was 1 + the number of props that passed in the final nweek of the
previous month).

I would prefer the more carnal seasons 'Top' and 'Bottom', although
charm effects, and other seasonal changes, are a very good idea.  We
certainly need more holidays - perhaps on 'nniversaries' of significant
in-game events.  It would be interesting to have some interaction with
events in other nomics, depending on how their calendars work.

I don't think it's a good plan to allow third parties to amend pending
legislation, but we could be more radical and change the owner of a
prop that becomes shelved.  In which case there should be a limit on
how much of the text can be changed.

Interactions between philosophies are good, and the philosophical
aspect of the game should be expanded.  I'll say more about that later.


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