Bill Adlam on Mon, 12 Apr 2004 07:39:27 -0500 (CDT)

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[spoon-discuss] p1833

Now it's too late for coffee, I would like to make this observation. 
Since no-one has disagreed with me about this (yet), I'm submitting
this as a comment, not a CFJ.  

At the end of an nweek, a proposal that passes takes effect before a
player's activity is adjusted in accordance with eir voting action. 
When p1833 takes effect, The Pusher Robot will be inactive and so not
eligible to win.  The attempt to grant a win to all members of UNSEEN
will therefore fail.


r154 states:
A Player's Activity increases by one at the end of an nweek if e voted
on that nweek's Ballot...

r23 states:
The third Checking period of each nweek is the Voting Period of that
nweek. At the beginning of a Voting Period, a Concealable Imperial Poll
with a Duration lasting 'til the end of the Voting Period is called on
every proposal issued since the beginning of the previous Voting

r15 states:
When the Duration of the Poll Concludes, the Issue is resolved. The
Issue is said to have Passed if more Yes votes than No votes were cast
on the Poll; otherwise, it Fails.

r19 states:
When a proposal Passes, the gamestate changes listed within it are

r1813 states:
When multiple rules specify that an event takes place at a certain time
[[ i.e. "at the beginning of an nweek" ]], those events occur in order
of rule precedence.

r23 has a lower number than r154, and so takes precedence, therefore
the poll ends before players' activity is adjusted.  
r15 has a lower number than r154, therefore the prop passes before
players' activity is adjusted.  
r19 has a higher chutzpah than r154, therefore the prop takes effect
before players' activity is adjusted.


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