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RE: [spoon-discuss] Thoughts toward a universal Nomic calendar

>>How about this: The Nweek lasts eight ndays, divided into three
>>The first two are three days in length, the third only two. The nyear is
>>eight nweeks long, with New Nyear's Day at the beginning outside of the
>>normal nweek cycle. Every twenty-one nyears, a Leap Nday is added four
>>nweeks into the nyear. This is also outside of the nweek cycle.
>>In B Nomic, the first checkpoint of the nweek is for proposing, the second
>>for debate and many other game actions, and the third for voting.
>I dislike any scheme that leaves only two days for voting, on the basis
>that people who may only have access on weekdays, or are away for a
>weekend, or something don't have a chance. Besides, it's too like a
>normal week. I'd say go back to the 10 day week with three, four and
>three days per checkpoint respectively.

Seven ten-nday nweeks per seventy-three-nday nyear leaves three holiday
slots... New Nyear's Nday, Independence Nday, and Peter Suber's Birthnday
would be my picks. Leapndays should come slightly less often than once per
twenty-one nyears; that's just the first-order approximation.

 - Teucer


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