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RE: [spoon-discuss] Thoughts toward a universal Nomic calendar

So Suber has five birthdays per Gregorian year. I like it.

Independence Day - is that the anniversary of our founding or of
us declaring independence from all other nations by repealing their
laws? I guess we could combine them, since they wouldn't really correspond
to the anniversaries of those events in any sense anyway.

I would like more creative names for seasons. 'Tango' is the only
interesting one. I suggest we name one 'Dennis Ritchie', since we're
celebrating those who inspired us.


On Sat, 10 Apr 2004, Craig wrote:

> >We need Holidays as well, outside of the main nweek calendar. They should
> >be Full of Stars, of course.
> >For instance, a fifth of a year is 73 days. That's five of these nweeks
> >(which should now be called nfortnights?) plus three days left over for
> >Holidays, when we can party and drink more than usual.
> If the nweeks take on the designations of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and
> Tango, we can eliminate seasons and make the nyear last five nweeks.
> Holidays could be New Nyear's Day (before the first of each year),
> Independence Day (whenever that is again) and Peter Suber's Birthday (the
> date of which will depend on when we implement this calendar).
> And I'm still thinking we keep "nweek" - after all, the old ten-day things
> had that name.
>  - Teucer
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