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RE: [spoon-discuss] Thoughts toward a universal Nomic calendar

>>> Cementing, or even concretifying, the glorious dominion of B Nomic
>>> over the world is a good thing. But if the recognizer were delayed
>>>> 12 hours, the calendar would be off by a day, creating chaos years
>>> down the line. Writs of Delay would also complicate matters. What if
>>> time progressed even when the clock was off? Some nweeks might be very
>>> short, but the calendar would be predictable.
>> The short nweek problem would be easy enough to fix - just lengthen the
>> nweek.
>> Hrm, there's three checkpoints per nweek, right? If they each last four
>> ndays, and we have a two-day freeze at the end of the nweek for voting
>> (which other Nomics might be happy about - I know Agora has a weekly
>> ballot,
>> for instance, and if we can get the Serious Nomic to adopt our calendar
>> it's
>> definitely universal), then a new nweek begins every fourteen days. This
>> would also sync it up with the outsiders' week, so that we could have
>> voting
>> happen every other weekend.

>One thing I once thought of proping was changing the schedule so that
>Props could only be made in the first checking period (any made thereafter
>are for the next nweeks ballot), then the second checking period happens,
>then the voting period. Perhaps modifications can be made to props in the
>second checking period, so that you'd have a clear order of business -
>proposal, debate, vote

Hm. I like this muchly. Especially since it means stuff doesn't actually
have to wait on the Recognizers as much.

So how about this: We have the nyear, divided into five seasons, each of two
nweeks. Each nweek consists of three checkpoints, each four ndays long. Each
nweek is therefore 12 ndays in length, and each nyear is 120 ndays. There
are three and a fraction nyears per Gregorian year.

 - Teucer


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