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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Nweek 61 BALLOT

Many Thanks for the Scarf, Sagitta. Regarding 1833, your fix of the
Philosophy would take effect after mine, and thus changing the
Philosophy would have no effect. Not to mention that I believe
your prop fixes the problem sufficiently.


On Fri, 9 Apr 2004, [iso-8859-1] Bill Adlam wrote:

> Dave wrote:
> > The following measures are on the ballot for nweek 61:
> >
> > Proposal 1833/1: Kill the BNS (Zarpint)
> NO
> This was a worthy *crackle* proposal before it was modified.  Appending
> an unrelated *buzz* *crackle* scam could have been stylish, but in this
> case it was very predictable.  The addition is rather dull, and doesn't
> match the writing style of the rest of the prop.  Also, by not
> attempting to fix the problem, it does not even fit the charter of
> *buzz* UNSEEN.  In short, it turned a stylish prop into an unstylish
> one.
> I also have a comment to make on the content, as opposed to the style,
> but that can wait for now.
> > Proposal 1834/1: Save Dave (Zarpint)
> This fits well with the existing structure of r625, and Kurt Godel
> (ideally *buzz* with the umlaut) is a suitable title.  This is the most
> stylish prop of the nweek, and I shall therefore award Zarpint the
> scarf.
> I'm tempted to change my *crackle* name to "Zarping The Incomplete",
> but that would be unfair as Zarpint got his name right when e proposed
> p1834.
> > Proposal 1835/0: Not Again! (SkArcher)
> I don't have much to say about the style - it's competent but
> un*buzz*exciting.  I think it's good that *buzz* players have to
> actively resubmit shelved props, and pay for the privilege.  I don't
> see any reason for the 3 nweek limit, but since you can submit a new
> prop to do the same thing, it's not with objecting to.
> > Proposal 1836/0: Curb Platonism (Sagitta)
> YES (Plotting Radical)
> I agree with the comment that this doesn't go far enough to prevent
> *crackle* abuse of philosophies, but I have another plan to limit that.
> As for my style, it speaks for itself and I shall forbear to *buzz*
> comment.
> > Proposal 1837/0: Any Sufficiently Advanced Magic is Indistinguishable
> > from
> >                  Technology (M-Tek)
> NO
> This *crackle* adds unnecessary complexity to the game, which is a good
> thing, but it also gives incumbent players too much of an advantage
> over newcomers.
> Prose form is almost always stylish, and this prop is no exception.
> However, it receives a *buzz* rating of 3 since it barely qualifies as
> a narrative, and doesn't say anthing interesting, entertaining or
> surprising.
> > Proposal 1838/0: We love Rob (Zarpint)
> It's sloppy legislation to add yet another category of inactive player.
>  Of course, reincarnating *buzz* Rob in some form is a good thing.
> Sagitta
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