Zarpint on Thu, 1 Apr 2004 14:55:15 -0600 (CST)

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Re: [spoon-discuss] Eep

I am. I would very much like a better way of doing things.

Let's see: I could do something like:

Add 'Rob' to the list of players with all of the attributes e had when e
last existed.
Remove the 'Garbage Collection' rule.

and then add something about players not counting towards votes after N
weeks of inactivity for some N.


On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, SkArcher wrote:

> On Thu, 1 Apr 2004 14:33:45 -0500 (EST), Zarpint <athena@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> >
> > That sucks. I'll prop away Garbage Collection, since it's a bad idea.
> > I can try to prop you back in, using a Deus-like effect, unless someone
> > has a better idea.
> >
> Strange, on the ballot you were against propping to undo things in a deus
> like manner?
> I merely point out the turnabout of course
> SkArcher
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