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[spoon-discuss] genemodding

The genetic transformation of (for example) bacteria has a very low
success rate, so it is necessary to treat thousands or millions of
organisms to achieve one or two successes.  In order to detect these
desired individuals, the gene of interest is accompanied by another
which performs a useful metabolic role, e.g. synthesising a nutrient or
degrading an antibiotic.  The experimental population is plated out on
a growth medium whose composition prevents the non-transformed cells
from reproducing.  Only those with the transgenes are able to breed,
forming new colonies of young bacteria and thereby dominating the

Happy, Baron?

> ...Name one culture that wasn't on Star
> Trek or the Twilight Zone where the youngers are more powerful than
> the elders. If you can (and by youngers I mean newborns are the most
> powerful members of society), I'll grant you your little lunacy.-

I never said the newbies should be the most powerful - although that
would be consistent with early evolutionary theory, where more
primitive creatures were held to give rise necessarily to more advanced
forms.  Darwin wrote himself a memo "never say 'higher' or 'lower'",
but 130 years later I was still having to write an essay on "lower
aquatic vertebrates", meaning Ordovician and Devonian jawless fish.

Anyway, I don't intend to rely on entrenched privileges or aristocratic
titles to wield power.  My villanous scam next nweek will have everyone
quivering in fear.  Well, groaning in annoyance, at least.


P.S. I second Zarpint's request for a Calvinball list.

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