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Re: [spoon-discuss] upper house

BvS, that's not at all relevant to this game. Name one culture that has
had a Cursed Sushi of Babel, a Grid bursting into flame, and that squeezed
Gnomes into Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters.

Anyway, no one said 'higher' meant more powerful. It of course refers to
distance above sea level, and Age Groups do not have a specified altitude.


On Wed, 10 Mar 2004, Baron von Skippy wrote:

> >> Someone look up who should be in the Upper House (Rob's out, and I
> >> think Glotmorf may still be ineligible due to having been recused
> >from
> >> another CFI recently) and post it or something.
> >
> >r128 declares:
> >The Upper House consists of every player who is in the Veteran Age
> >Group or a higher Age Group, who is Off Leave, and who hasn't been
> >recused from any CFI within the past two nweeks.
> >
> >The rules do not say anywhere that any Age Group is higher than another
> >(although common sense would suggest that we Civilians are the highest,
> >of course).  Therefore the Upper House consists of only those players
> >in the Veteran Age Group (excluding Wild Card who is on leave), i.e.
> >
> >The Pusher Robot
> >Teucer
> >SkArcher
> >
> >No doubt some of the older players (BvS, bd, Iain, Glormorf and Wonko)
> >will dispute this and try to rule on the outstanding appeals anyway.  I
> >look forward to the seeing the wrangling over the voting on the appeals
> >to the CFI to clarify who is in the Upper House.  For the sake of
> >completeness, Rob and Anything McGee are on leave.  Glotmorf was
> >recused back in nweek 55, so e is now eligible, albeit too elderly.
> >
> -Wrangling this isn't that hard. Your idea that the newest players should be placed higher in the imaginary heirarchy than the older ones is almost as crazy as my not having gotten a Win when my second joining day came around, despite my having written that rule in the first place (thbbbt to all). Name one culture that wasn't on Star Trek or the Twilight Zone where the youngers are more powerful than the elders. If you can (and by youngers I mean newborns are the most powerful members of society), I'll grant you your little lunacy.-
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