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[spoon-discuss] vSET

I was just perusing vSET's charter, and came up with a question that I can't remember having been answered before (though it may well have been)...

Is Dave a public forum?

He hasn't designated himself as such, which I think is the deciding factor, but vSET would require him (or some minister) to be one, since, according to r17, "Actions occur upon reaching the appropriate Fora."  Therefore, for vSET to have its secret membership, which by definition is part of the gamestate, actions would have to be specifically emailed to Dave, who would recognize them and maintain his record of the gamestate.

But since Dave isn't a designated public forum, actions sent to him can't be officially recognized by him, and therefore vSET's secret membership can't be maintained.

Which leads to a followup question...

Should Dave be a public forum?

Is there an actual genuine need for a GM with a GM screen, to whom notes can be passed for actions to be taken that may well have publicly visible consequences but not necessarily publicly visible causes?  Do we anticipate any sort of large-scale need for hidden actions?

I suppose Dave wouldn't want the additional work, though even if we set up a minister for this any action involving said minister would probably have to cc: Dave, in case said minister DOFOEs (Drops Off Face Of Earth) and Dave has to reconcile the current hidden gamestate.

Personally I think the only practical way to do hidden actions is a separate email address with a procmail handler, or a webform, that updates a database that Dave, in a DOFOE situation, has access to.  Is there interest at this time in a general-purpose database-logged hidden-action submission webform?


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