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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] More on scams

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On Friday 25 July 2003 09:57 pm, Baron von Skippy wrote:
> >>> So three of us get together and make a new game, keeping records
> >>> online
> >>> so we can prove what happened. Or we join another game and agree with
> >>> some players there to vote for their proposals if they'll agree to
> >>> grant us infinite "wins".
> >>
> >> -It's amazing to me that you would bother to take the time to do that
> >> over and over. And that you think we wouldn't start ignoring you after
> >> a while, say, long before you could win from it. (I'm still fuzzy on
> >> how you win through /Style/ anyway...) Really, if you want to gang up
> >> on this rule and beat a win through with such a lack of finesse,
> >> that's great. Have fun. Of course, that hardly counts as an "instant"
> >> win... so so much for that idea, eh?-
> >
> >It's not a win in this game, it's just style here. But the point is, if
> >I join another game and get them to agree to set up a loophole that, in
> >their game, grants me an infinite number of Wins (note that Win need
> >not be defined the same way in a different game - it could refer to an
> >essentially meaningless object, but they could also go in entirely the
> >opposite direction from us and use it for currency or something). If I
> >then exploit this loophole, I gain 15 Style in this game for doing it,
> >plus 10 for each of the infinite number of Wins I got in that game.
> >Instant infinity.
> -Well, you have fun with that... you know, finding a game out there that
> will let you write a loophole in so that you benefit over here... yes, it
> would work, if you could find a willing game. To get them willing, you'd
> need to spend a while there, probably, building up a rapport with them, and
> then you could sweet-talk them into letting you do this... you know, I
> don't see the problem. If you want to spend a few months sweet-talking
> people so that they'll let you be Stylish, go for it. *evil grin* Of
> course, what are your options at the moment? There's Agora... er, moving
> ON... there's Nomicron, whose ruleset causes them to cripple themselves
> every time someone wins, and who are all against letting anyone win quickly
> anyway - they prefer a slower rate of FUBARs than we do, apparently - and
> then there's... let's see... a few others, I suppose. So you could try
> them. On the other hand, I'd vote against any proposal that would let
> someone win over and over here on the basis th! at they'd become
> "infinitely Stylish" in another game, whatever THAT means. What about
> awarding them infinite Wins here? Where's the profit for me in that?
> In short, your idea works great so long as no one else is involved. Sorry
> for rambling like that when I should have just said so from the start.-

It's possible to have a nomic of one :)
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