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Re: [spoon-discuss] Annulment of society charters

On 7/25/03 at 12:51 AM Daniel Lepage wrote:

>On Thursday, July 24, 2003, at 09:48  PM, Baron von Skippy wrote:
>> -You've got this all worked out; why don't you CFI it? Just paste that
>> argument you just made into the "rationale" section. Except for the
>> Statute of Limitations part - vSET is not 10 ndays old in its current
>> form, and so if you leave that in, it's a hole through which the
>> entire argument can fall. (You know, sometimes I wonder if this
>> nitpicking is a good thing... then I think "well, duh" and stop being
>> a fool.)-
>Well, if e can convince Dave to agree with em, then there's no need to
>clutter the DB with another CFI.

Not sure "convince" is the right word here.  Ever roleplay on MUSHes, or play UO and the like?  Aside from the ongoing world thang, sometimes the managers of the game will throw something in to "make things interesting".  It could be that's what Dave meant by this...that, and he doesn't like societies anyway. I said, I'd much rather judge this if possible, and it wouldn't be possible if I'm the one CFI-ing.

BTW, the rationale shouldn't kill the CFI.  Strictly speaking, only the statement itself can do that.  The rationale is just food for thought for the judge.


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