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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] More on scams

Thus spake "Baron von Skippy":
> I alter the proposal __Scams__ to read:
> {{
> __Scams__
> A. Definition
> A Scam is any attempt by a player to achieve an instant win in any online gam
> e of Nomic by circumventing the spirit, but not the wording, of one or more r
> ules, utilizing a loophole in one or more rules, or utilizing an unforseen in
> teraction between two or more rules. The player(s) who perform a scam is (are
> ) the Scammer(s) of that Scam.
> Each scam performed in B Nomic is to be named. No Scam may share a name with 
> another Scam.
> B. Titles
> After each successful Scam in B Nomic, titles are to be awarded to involved p
> layers in the following fashion:
> The Scammers each recieve the title "Lord of the XXXX Scam," with "XXXX" repl
> aced with the name of the scam.
> Any players whose words, or actions led to the Scammers coming up with the sc
> am are awarded the title "Knight of the XXXX Scam," with "XXXX" replaced with
>  the name of the scam. These players should be identified by the Scammers.
> Any players who attempted to stop the scam, argued unsuccessfully against the
>  legality of the scam, attempted to undo the scam and failed, or wrote one or
>  more of the rules which the Scammers used as the basis of the scam are award
> ed the title "Pawn of the XXXX Scam," with "XXXX" replaced with the name of t
> he scam. These players should be identified by consensus.
> In general, players should receive no more than one of the above titles as a 
> result of a Scam.
> C. Rewards
> On the next Ballot after a Scam, all players other than the Scammers should r
> ate the Scam on a scale from 0 to 20 if the Scam was successful, or 0 to 10 i
> f it was unsuccessful, on how Stylish it was. All Scammers are awarded a numb
> er of Style Points equal to the average of these ratings, rounded to the near
> est integer.
> D. Guerrila Warfare
> B Nomic players are encouraged to perform Scams in other games of Nomic. If a
>  player shows proof of a Scam they performed in another game, that player rec
> ieves 15 Style plus 10 Style for each Win they were awarded as a result of th
> e Scam, and the title "Lord of the XXXX YYYY Scam," with "XXXX" replaced with
>  the whole name of the other Nomic [[B Nomic, Nomicron, The Curvature Of The 
> Earth Is Overwhelmed By Local Noise Nomic]], and with "YYYY" replaced with th
> e name the Scammer has given to the Scam.
> }}

This makes me want to perpetrate a scam that does not qualify as a Scam.

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