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Re: RE: [spoon-discuss] My missing prop

19/07/2003 05:14:44, "Baron von Skippy" <bvs@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>>> -Interesting note... well, I proposed to give
>>>> SkArcher a Lord title. That suit you as well? Oh,
>>>> and is everyone satisfied with the name I gave the
>>>> scam? It can also be changed.-
>>>Color me suited.
>>>I can't decide if this is weirder than the DimShip
>>>Scam.  It's definitely weirder than the Stock
>>>Scam...Should we have a Scam Archive with the scams
>>>ranked by relative weirdness?
>>Oh, yes, we should. Definitely. Someone should write up summaries of old
>>scams for it.
>>Also, we should declare that all our players are encouraged to engage in
>>guerilla warfare against other Nomics, and that scams not in B which are
>>acts of war a) get points in B Nomic for their perpetrators and b) go in the
>>archive with the local scams.
>-Even scams which fail, although not so much of a bonus there. It's the thought that counts. Actually... hmm, I may use up my bandwidth this nweek, at this 

Ask glotmorf for some, e has more than enough stashed away in M-Tek as it is


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