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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Foomp

>>> Either is a valid interpretation according to the rules; game custom,
>>> precedent, common sense, spirit of the game, etc. all suggest that it
>>> works the way we've been using it.
>> Nothing stops the value from being a real number, but the rules do
>> explicitly state that it can be "any real number" as well. A good case 
>> can
>> be made that the string is allowed. I'm not sure how I would judge a 
>> CFJ on
>> it, but it isn't obvious that BvS is worng.
>I agree that it could be interpreted that way; but I think any rational 
>judge would have to interpret it the other way.

-I wonder how many lawyers have said that same thing in how many lawsuits in how many courtrooms, and been wrong? Anyway, if you want a rational judge, you're looking at something like a 50-50 chance in this game.-
>Besides which, merely saying that it can take on that value doesn't 
>mean you can set it to that value. If it said that it was possible to 
>move to that value, then you could; but the rules also say that, say, 
>your votes *can* take on the value 'yes' on all my props; that doesn't 
>mean that I can set them to that value.
-If I'm wrong, though, so are you. I'm using your reasoning. So either you don't win or this hole in the rules starts off another SOE. You know, I'm okay with either? Sure, SOEs are a pain, but better that we fix it than that we have undefined values, you know?-

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