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RE: [spoon-discuss] Where do we go from here?

>>>No. No trying to make up your own Old Tongue compounds. It doesn't work,
>>>because there are no regular rules to the Old Tongue. Jordan made up bits
>>>he went along rather than trying for a real conlang.
>>-If there are no regular rules, then why can't I make up my own? Hmm...
>"Asha'Shadar" doesn't roll off the tongue anyway. I like "Ashadar,"
>>but that sounds a lot like "Mashadar," which is entirely different.-
>I suppose you can make up your own. It's guaranteed to be entirely worng,
>IMO, but it is also guaranteed to be as right as anything new in the books.

-At least until he comes up with a Dark faction in the Black Tower... seems a little redundant, that. Just like "Asha'Shadar." Wonderful how that all fits together like that, isn't it?-
>>-You've lost me, but then again, I'm too tired to think straight...-
>There is no Lumber Cartel.

-There isn't? That explains so many things...-
>>-.evl is nothing unless you add in an "i," and get "evil." Although given
>that .com, .org, .edu, .net, .gov, and .mil are all the first
>>three letters of a word, I guess it should be .evi.-
>I meant where does the domain come from?
-What do you mean? It doesn't come from anywhere. It doesn't exist. National endings are two-letter combinations and I've listed just about all the three-letter endings above.-

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