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Re: [spoon-discuss] Where do we go from here?

>> >> -(Haran?)
>> >
>> > Isn't Shadar Haran that Myrdraal who issues all of the Dark Lord's
>> >commands?
>> >
>> -Oh yeah. But he can't channel. And isn't he a he, anyway? That series is odd
>> ly devoid of sexless characters, isn't it? I think in the interest of simplic
>> ity, we should not have a genderless third of the Source... why do we have Dr
>> ones, anyway? And would there be a loudly vocal Drone minority if I ignored t
>> hem this time?-
> Or you could allow Drones to go down either the Ashaman or Sedai
>route, but not both.
-Everyone else goes down one or the other, too... or do you mean something different?-

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