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RE: (gratuitious RE's deleted) [spoon-discuss] RE: [Spoon-business] Foomp

>>>>>>>>>Thats a pretty tiny Image, maybe make it a bit bigger?
>>>>>>>>Okay, I'm working on it.
>>>>>>>>It takes a while to center the URL within the B when you do it in
>>>>>>>>I'll have it for you tomorrow. Today, I suppose, since it is
>>>>>>>>morning now. (Eastern, for those who were about to ask what time
>>>>>>>> -- Teucer
>>>>>>>Yeah, its morning here technically, but thats because I'm up early
>>>>>>am - I don't have anything to do today, so I'm going to avoid all
>>>>>>>the daytime heat)
>>>>>>>Anyhow, another question - can you do black?
>>>>>>Nope. White or grey. And the long-sleeved is only availible in white.
>>>>>bah! I don't think i'll bother then - get a black one made somewhere
>>>>I think. I look seriously bad in white.
>>>>Black T-shirts look cooler anyway. Since the current plan seems to be to
>>>>them not via cafepress, I think it becomes an option again.
>>>> -- Teucer
>>>This is true. I would also question the applicability of Rule 1082
>>>or at least the idea of putting the text of it on the shirt
>>Then there is always the motto...


>incidentally, has anyone got any ideas for what we should change the front
page to read now that the grid no longer exists?

"This one has, um, uh, well it's going to have something soon..."

 -- Teucer

"mi'a te cmene ra lu ractu cafmi'a li'u ki'u le nu ra ctuca mi'a"
 -Alice in Wonderland


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