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RE: [spoon-discuss] Where do we go from here?

>>>The Black Ajah seem to be even lower ranking militarily than the Myrdraal.
>>-Yeah, but the Myrdraal can't channel. Really, the Black Ajah are just
>Darkfriend Aes Sedai.

-Yes, but they only rank as Darkfriends or a little higher.-
>>>>-I was clarifying. There isn't really a sixth level, especially with the
>>>current (and in need of replacing) formula for mana regeneration,
>>>>which would mean that a sixth-level channeler gets 1/(6-6)*their mana
>>>each nweek.-
>>>Hey, what if we did away with this silly idea of naming each rank and just
>>>say someone's a "first level Aes Sedai" or a "fifth level Asha'man"?
>>-Well, up until we tried to make Drones fit in *cough* it worked fine,
>because Asha'man and Aes Sedai have the levels already built in.-
>"Advanced Asha'man" is not a rank in the books. At least not by about
>halfway through number seven.

-Well, they don't have quite the heirarchy that the White Tower has.-
>>>Or just make everyone equal like in my c-p-p </plug>
>>-*ignores this*-
>*won't let you*

-What does "c-p-p" mean?-
>>-Well, in the books, there aren't any Dark Asha'man because the Red Ajah
>have been studiously crushing male channelers. That, and most
>>people consider all male channelers to be Darkfriends.
>>What about Dark Asha'man? Or, if you want to be spiffy, something like
>Asha'Shadar, "Guardian of the Shadow?"-
>No. No trying to make up your own Old Tongue compounds. It doesn't work,
>because there are no regular rules to the Old Tongue. Jordan made up bits as
>he went along rather than trying for a real conlang.

-If there are no regular rules, then why can't I make up my own? Hmm... "Asha'Shadar" doesn't roll off the tongue anyway. I like "Ashadar," but that sounds a lot like "Mashadar," which is entirely different.-
>>-I think they try to kill you and either they do or you join... in the Age
>of Legends, they probably went online to
>>www.darkfriend.greatlord.evl and filled out the application there.
>Wow. That's really amazing.
>I suppose it's inevitable... first there was the lumber cartel, and now

-You've lost me, but then again, I'm too tired to think straight...-
>>That reminded me of something unrelated. You know how non-US countries have
>two-letter suffixes to their URLs (.uk for the UK, .fr for
>>Freedom, .ch for Switzerland, .tv for some poor nation that sold its ending
>to Americans who now clutter it with television crap)? Do any of
>>them have a .bn ending?-
>I don't think so.
>Also, .tv is Tuvalu. And one of their principal exports is now domain names.
>Tonga (.to) does okay, with all those and similar.
>What is .evl really, anyway?
-.evl is nothing unless you add in an "i," and get "evil." Although given that .com, .org, .edu, .net, .gov, and .mil are all the first three letters of a word, I guess it should be .evi.-

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