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[spoon-discuss] Another note on t-shirts:

Cafe Press has unreasonably high shipping, especially outside of the
United States.

If anyone's really interested in the shirts, regardless of whose design is
used, we should all send our money to one person (me, or whomever) and
place one order. The actual cost of mailing a shirt in the States is about
three bucks, but they charge five. (And in fact, right now they're running
a "all the shirts you want for five dollars flat rate shipping"
special...) There's no reason for everyone here to pay extra shipping to
some nameless faceless corporation.

(I can even get a decent rate on international shipping, through my
office, so if you're interested in a shirt but hesitating because you're
on the other side of the pond, well, this is one less excuse you have.)


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