Rob Speer on 16 Jul 2003 19:53:01 -0000

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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Political Go

I forgot something in my Political Go proposal - a prize. I suppose you
could interpret the "points" in scoring to be Nomic points, but I'd want
to modify that slightly.

I'd suggest 2 Nomic points for each point you get in Go, with negative
scores not counting. Since I imagine a decent score to be something like
30 points, this seems to be reasonable. Perhaps after one game, if the
scores end up being too low, we could increase the point values.

This means that if everyone sits back while one player plunks a piece on
the board and waits an nweek while nobody else plays, that player gets
168*2 = 336 points. So don't do that.

That shouldn't happen anyway, because if another player plays then the
territory of the whole board is split between them, so they would each
get 167 points if the game ended then, so there's quite an incentive to
not ignore the game. And a third player could play so they each get 110
points.  And more people keep on playing, and voila, you've got a game

Rob Speer

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