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RE: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Points

>>I move in the Dimensions, moving 250 steps in the Score direction (that
>>is, away from the 0 point, not towards it). Then I move in the
>>Dimensions again, 450 units away from 0 in the Charm direction, 200
>>units away from 0 in the Respect Dimension, and 20 units towards 0 in
>>the BAC Dimension.
>>As per r154.B.2. [[Dimensions/Existing Dimensions/Charm]], I win.
>>I cite as justification r407 [[Space]] which states:
>>A Space is a part of the game state in which it is possible to move in
>>multiple directions. In general, a player's position in each direction
>>is called a Component.
>>Later, it states
>>The two Spaces that currently exist are the Dimensions, where each
>>Dimension is a Component, and the Grid, where the X and Y values are
>>the two Components.
>>The logic backing my claim runs as follows:
>>Charm, Respect, and BAC are all Dimensions. [[r154, Dimensions]]
>>The Dimensions is a Space where each Dimension is a Component. [[r407,
>>It is possible to move within a Space in the directions indicated by
>>Components. [[r407, Space]]
>>Thus, it is possible to move in any Dimension, including Score, Charm,
>>Respect, and BAC, which I have now done.
>-Rule 21 states "Whenever a rule states that a player receives points, the
number of points in eir possession shall be increased
>accordingly." No rule states that you recieved points. And no rule states
that "moving in the Score dimension" and "recieving points" are
>the same thing, so therefore you moved, but got no points as as result.
Ditto for every other dimension. So... you're now at a totally
>random location with nothing else changed. Interesting.-

We do not, however, know where e is. After all, nothing defined where e was
before this. We don't know where I am, or you, or anybody else. We're all
hopelessly lost in space. HELP!

 -- Teucer

"Are we adjorned? Or just completely ignoring order?"
 -Jordan DeLong


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