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RE: [spoon-discuss] Where do we go from here?

>>> >>>such actions. (because otherwise, the action could change the rules
>>> >>>nullify Dave's veto before Dave got the chance to).
>>> >>
>>> >>Dave's veto could be assumed to be retroactive.
>>> >>
>>> >>>But what happens if you get sick, or go on vacation? Does everything
>>> >>>just shut down?
>>> >>
>>> >>You get a new minister?
>>> >
>>> >It is far too complicated to just hot potato on the fly like that, Its
like wh
>>> en teh GridMin vannished
>>> >
>>> -What ever happens when a Minister goes away? This is a problem with any
>>> ry, not just this one. What about a backup Minister? Or something like
that? An
>>> d don't ask me what happens if the second Minister goes away as well.
You might
>>>  as well ask "what if SkyNet blows us all to kingdom come?" Well, then
the Mini
>>> stry won't be updated, will it?-
>> I've completely lost track of this discussion, but in the context of
>>the WoT proposal, one could have both the other Ministers (Amyrlin,
>>Dragon, Haran) be responsible for each third, which would give a
>>certain layer of backup.
>-(Haran?) I thought of that, but didn't suggest it because that means, in
the two-Minister system I've got, that if one goes, the checks on >the
other's power go as well. We need to keep the number of Ministers constant,
if not the identities of those Ministers.-

How about if each minister has a Backup, and if the minister is out of town,
the backup does eir job for em?

 -- Teucer

"Let's vote on how to vote on how to vote!"
 -Adam Raizen


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