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RE: [spoon-discuss] Where do we go from here?

>> Wiki based nomic...
>> We'll have to lock the ruleset page so only Dave can change it. Oh, and
>> everyone needs to be the only person who can change that person's votes.

>The idea of a Wiki is that anyone can change it, and it doesn't matter
>because anyone can see and undo the changes.

Many wikis, however, make it hard to undo more than one change to a page.
That is, the standard model says you can edit the previous version, but not
the one before that. So people can change something, then change it again.

>So there's no need to lock pages. If someone changes the rules without
>having the right to do so, then give them a swift Kick in the Ass and
>change it back.

Note that changing the textual representation of the rules is not the same
as changing the rules themselves. It is just a way for evil beings to cause
massive confusion.

>Wikis can have a login system, so that only people in the game have
>accounts. If someone repeatedly changes data that they're not allowed to
>change, then they are refusing to abide by the rules, and therefore are
>not a player. *Poof* goes their account.


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