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RE: [Spoon-business] RE: RE: [spoon-discuss] Proto-prop: Aes Sedai

>>>>>-Ah... I was wondering how education (Title 9), bankruptcy (11), and
>>>>copyright (17) were all being clumped... well, why stop at ignoring US
>>>>>law? Why not declare B Nomic a sovereign nation? Or would the Marines
>>>>in, take Dave prisoner, and set up a democracy if we did that?-
>>>>Only if they thought they could convince somebody that we had weapons of
>>>>mass destruction.
>>>-I know I'm not supposed to mention them, but you do know Nomicron has
>>Atomic Bomb, yes? Can we change their regime? Do they have a
>>>regime? Can we pretend they do? Will France surrender if we do?-
>>I'm currently inactive, and ignoring Nomicron. It moves slowly enough that
>>a) it is boring and b) the scam I had been hoping to perpetrate when I
>>joined would not succeed until after the heat death of the universe.

>-Most things in Nomicron take that long, yes.-

Yes. The question is... can you tell whether I was joking about having such
a scam?

>>So I was not aware of this development. We should definitely change their
>>regime before this hostile Nomic inevitably uses its weapons to attack us.

>-They've had it for a long time, as I recall. Had it before I went there,

Huh. I hadn't noticed it.

>>Note to all Nomicron people here: The above is humor. I harbor no ill will
>>toward Nomicron. Please do not take me seriously, as I have no desire to
>>start an internomic incident. I'm sorry you have a track record of needing
>>disclaimers like this.

>-Pfft. This is the game that was talking about selling said Bomb on the
Nomic Market and detonating it in another game. Don't worry too much
>about appearing hostile.

Yeah. But they also sent us a cow.

>Note to all Nomicron people watching this game from the sidelines and not
actively playing: Hi there! Want some refreshments? Watching in
>case someone declares war on you can be tiring, I know. Here, have a nice
refreshing can of... nope, that's Whoopass. Hold on, I know I had >a Beer

Someone who hasn't made a quote prop this nweek, read the above.

 -- Teucer

"Well, perl can do pretty much anything as long as it is hard to read."

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